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Plastic Tree [What is “Plastic Tree”?]

We are proud to present Plastic Tree’s new release [What is Plastic Tree”?], a special single-compilation for Europe. The eight single tracks, until now not yet […]


Ayabie [ Mikazukino kiseki ] 4-Track EP

CD 1 Interpret Titel Länge 1 -ayabie- Mikazukino kiseki 04:11 2 -ayabie- Digital Neverland 05:01 3 -ayabie- Haruno hi 03:40 4 -ayabie- Hinageshi 04:03 Share:


VERSAILLES [Lyrical Sympathy]

ALBUM + BONUS-DVD Special-CD+DVD Compilation for Europe featuring extra booklet with lyrics in English + Romaji. The Album: The excitement in regards to the release of […]


UnsraW [ Abel/Kein ]

We are proud to present UnsraW´s two brand-new mini-albums Abel and Kein plus the single “Lust” on one CD. All together will be 11 hot tracks […]


D=OUT [ ZIPANG ] CD/DVD Euro Edition

D=OUT is a great young Visual Kei Band. Although they first started at the end of 2006, they already have a big fan base, their releases […]


ayabie [Meltaway] 3-Track-Single

CD 1 Interpret Titel Länge 1 ayabie TheMe 03:46 2 ayabie I’m vogue 04:00 3 ayabie Tsukuyomi 03:26 Share:


Matenrou Opera [ Gilia – Europe Edition ] CD/DVD

The first album [ GILIA ] of the newcomer band Matenrou Opera contains as European version 8 tracks, including the successful single [ Ruriiro de egaku […]



CD-Compilation featuring five Visual Kei-Underground newcomer bands from Japan including extra booklet with lyrics in English & Romaji. THE ALBUM: Now also some talented newcomers from […]


Dio~Distraught Overlord [ Heaven’s Call ] CD/DVD Digipack

Thanks to its European Tour in March 2008 which as gathered 3500 people around Europe, and to its amazing performance at Japan-Expo 2007, Dio~Distraught Overlord has […]


Moran [ Replay ] – Special European Limited Edition

Ultimate European Collection The Album: With [ Replay ] the four music talents from Moran start their attack on European listeners! In order to introduce their […]


Matenrou Opera [ANOMIE]

Special European Edition   The Album: The newest album [ANOMIE] from the mysterious Metal-Rocker from Matenrou Opera enthrals listeners with fresh ideas and hard first-rate sounds. […]


UnsraW [Reborn] 3-Track-Single

3-Track Single CD 1 Interpret Titel Länge 1 UnsraW Nightmare 03:59 2 UnsraW Reborn 03:08 3 UnsraW Switch 04:56 Share:


D=OUT [ CARNIVAL Ukiyo ] (Euro Special Ed.) CD/DVD

The Album: After over almost one year Nippon Rockers from D=OUT finally release their next album! “CARNIVAL Ukiyo” contains –like the title forebodes it already- a […]


UnsraW [Guilty] Mini-Album

Mini-Album containing 6 brand-new Tracks! CD 1 Interpret Titel Länge 1 UnsraW Zero 02:06 2 UnsraW Saliva Of God 04:15 3 UnsraW Rose Of Sorrow 03:27 […]


AYABIE “Euro Best”

At first glance you’re not sure if these are women or young boys performing. Dressed in a kinky combination of traditional Japanese garb with psychedelic colours […]


ayabie [ Rikkaboshi + a ] CD/DVD

CD + DVD Special Edition: Korea & Europe Documentary. This time an extraordinary highlight of the successful band ayabie is awaiting us all! As the ultimate […]


Ayabie ” Virgin Snow Color”

After 6 months of their first album being released in Europe; Euro Best, Ayabie finally release their second European album with a DVD on 1st December, […]


Wizard JAPAN [Aquarius]

Wizard JAPAN´s strong character entraps the hearts of the Japanese fans. Their charm is not only Kaitos’ extraordinary vocal performance but also their powerful music and […]


UnsraW ” Spiral Circle ~Complete~” CD/DVD

In April 2006, shortly after the breakup of CO?E THE CHILD, the rapid rise of the Visual Kei Band UnsraW, founded by the singer Yuki and […]


Versailles [Noble]

CD + DVD featuring extra booklet with lyrics in English & Romaji and Extra-Track for European fans THE ALBUM: After the huge success of the last […]