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2 Concertos for Cello and Orchestra [Heinrich Sutermeister]

Esther Nyffenegger – Violoncello Nürnberger Symphoniker Werner Andreas Albert Besides his compositions for the music theatre (such as the opera “Romeo and Juliet”, first performed by […]


Beethoven and his time (Beethoven und seine Zeit)

Pieces for Harp and Violoncello The intimacy of strings, some bowed, others plucked, can easily mislead listeners into  failing to realise that, in their day, many […]


Das Dschungelbuch / Die Geschichte vom faulen Bären

Das Dschungelbuch & Die Geschichte vom faulen Bären Zwei musikalische Märchen für Sprecher und großes Orchester, erzählt vom unvergessenen ELMAR GUNSCH Es spielen die Nürnberger Symphoniker, […]


Die Nachtigall

Ein musikalisches Märchen für Sprecher und großes Orchester, erzählt von MARIA SCHELL. Musik komponiert von Arnold Winternitz. Es spielen die Nürnberger Symphoniker unter der Leitung von Alicja […]


ELLY NEY – Vol 1 – Beethoven

“To bringg Beethoven to life in our hearts” was the lifelong purpose of the pianist Elly Ney. And she achieved it. Her interpretations, heartfelt and individual, […]


ELLY NEY – Vol 10 – Mozart & Schubert

A classical spiritual affinity between the composers, and a rare ability to enter the mood of the sombre German dances – these round off the Nuremberg […]


ELLY NEY – Vol 2 – Graf Flügel

This is an encounter with two legends – the great Elly Ney playing Beethoven’s last piano in the Beethoven house in Bonn, where it has now […]


ELLY NEY – Vol 3

Beethoven: Piano Concertos nos 3 and 4 Elly Ney, piano Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Willem van Hoogstraten When Elly Ney and the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra […]


ELLY NEY – Vol 4 – Schubert & Schumann

Elly Ney, piano When Schubert experimented during the last years of his life with new possibilities for the piano sonata, one of the ideas that came […]


ELLY NEY – Vol 5 – Beethoven: Sonaten op. 7 • op. 13 • op. 26

Elly Ney, piano “Whatever a person is capable of becoming, he already is”  – this aphorism by Friedrich Hebbel is as true as it is concise. […]


ELLY NEY – Vol 6 – Beethoven: Klavierkonzert Nr. 5 & Appassionata

Elly Ney, piano Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Willem van Hoogstraten This great project from Colosseum is an invaluable resource, not only for “hunters and gatherers” […]


Elly Ney – Vol 7 – Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata – The Tempest – Waldstein Sonata

Three famous examples from sonata literature in one CD: classical awareness of form intersects with romantic and revolutionary impetuousness, and this is where Elly Ney’s irresistible […]


ELLY NEY – Vol 9 – Mendelssohn, Schubert & Chopin

“On wings of song” would be a suitable title for this selection, because three of the great story-tellers and visionaries of the early 19th century are […]


ELLY NEY – Vol 8 – Beethoven: Sonata in E flat major op. 31 no. 3, and other works

“Just as Beethoven’s impact radiated out into the whole world, far beyond his origins in Bonn, so Elly Ney enabled his music to be heard in […]



If we attempt to classify and rank Elly Ney as a performer and interpreter, we do well to remember that at the start of her career […]


Erich Appel and Beethoven’s last piano

Erich Appel, piano Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Klauspeter Seibel In 1965 the Beethoven House in Bonn decided to send one of its most sacred relics […]


Erich Wolfgang Korngold – Klavierquintett op. 15 . Streichquartett Nr. 2 op. 36

A child of the Jugendstil is unleashed on the world: two important works of chamber music by a carefree child prodigy, Erich Korngold. As one of […]



JOSEPH HAYDN D-Dur, op. 101 HANS PFITZNER a-moll (1888) The two compositions presented here arc extreme contrasts, both musically and stylistically. They span the entire spectrum […]


Festliche Jagdmusik [Haydn / Zilch]

“The one thing I really enjoy is a merry hunt!” The noble pursuit whose praises JS Bach sang in one of his most worldly cantatas is […]


Johanna Senfter: Sonatas

Rumour had it that the main reason Max Reger gave encouragement to his pupil Johanna Senfter was that she came from a wine-growing family on the […]


Kurt Leimer “Piano Concertos for the Left Hand”

Musical experts early on recognized the extraordinary piano talent of Kurt Leimer, whose playing combined technical skill with a fully developed intellectual keenness for musical interpretation. […]



Kurt Leimer: Bach, Beethoven and Brahms With Bach’s E major French Suite BWV 817 and two musical milestones, one classical and one romantic, the fifth instalment […]


Kurt Leimer [Brahms & Tshaikovsky]

Johannes Brahms, Concerto in B Major op. 8 for Piano and Orchestra Erich Kloss – Conductor | Nürnberger Symphonker – Orchestra Pyotr. I. Tshaikovsky, Concerto in […]


Kurt Leimer [Chopin]

The Rediscovery of an Extraordinary pianist Kurt Leimer Second release in a series of 8 CDs which make up a special edition ofhistoric recordings performed by […]


Kurt Leimer [Leimer & Gershwin]

George Gershwin Concerto in F’ ( 1925) Kurt Leimer Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.4 in one movement (1955)   CD 1 Interpret Titel Länge 1 […]


Kurt Leimer [Rachmaninov & Leimer]

Kurt Leimer plays Rachmaninov’s third piano concerto, of almost legendary fame, and also his own second piano concerto, a light-hearted homage to all the great composers […]


Little romantic pieces for violoncello and piano (Kleine Werke der Romantik)

Folk music is the dominant idiom here, and not only in the five pieces op. 102 for cello and piano written by Schumann shortly before the […]


Margaret Buechner: Phantomgreen • Immensee

Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Georg Schmöhe At the start of the 1950s the Hanover-born composer Margaret Buechner went to the US where, until her death […]


Max Reger

Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Erich Kloss Max Reger was unique among composers. This is easily recognised from the fact that every attempt to follow in […]


Mendelssohn Overtures I

Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Klauspeter Seibel “The bloom of youth suffuses it almost more than any other work by this composer. The mature master made […]


Mendelssohn Overtures II

Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Klauspeter Seibel Opera was definitely not the genre in which Mendelssohn’s experiments were most successful – and even the attempts that […]


Music for 20 fingers

Vivienne & Dirk Keilhack, piano Wilhelm Busch, the ever-popular author of illustrated comic verse narratives, knew well that “it takes two to play four hands”. And […]


Music in Nuremberg (Musik in Nürnberg)

Music in Nuremberg from the time of Albrecht Dürer to the present day Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra When the city of Nuremberg celebrated the 500th birthday of […]


Musik der Synagoge [Louis Lewandowski]

Ein Sabbat – Gottesdienst in der ehemaligen Hauptsynagoge der israelitischen Gemeinde zu Nürnberg. Musik: Louis Lewandowski Kantor :Baruch Grabowski Sprecher: Werner Galas Orgel: Rolf Gröschel Chor: […]



Novin Afrouz, piano Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Alexander Rahbari Tchaikovsky experienced some setbacks and false starts after writing his Piano Concerto no. 1 in B […]


Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra – Live in Vienna

Live-Aufnahme des Konzertes am 11. November 2010 im Goldenen Musikvereinssaal Wien.   Die vorliegende CD ist nicht nur ein Dokument, sondern vor allem ein Beleg für […]


Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra Live in Prague

This live recording is of the gala concert which took place on May 25, 2010 in Prague’s beautiful Smetana Hall: LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN   PIANO CONCERTO NO. […]


Nyffenegger: Tchaikovsky and Saint-Saëns

D Esther Nyffenegger, cello Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Zsolt Deáky The longing for the elegance of the classical age such as never actually existed in […]


Peter und der Wolf / Karneval der Tiere [Prokofieff/Saint-Saëns]

Serge Prokofieff: Peter und der Wolf Saint-Saëns: Karneval der Tiere Kinder lieben Märchen: Zwei musikalische Märchen für Sprecher und großes Orchester, erzählt vom unvergessenen ELMAR GUNSCH […]


Piano concertos: Sgambati and Rheinberger

Imagine the two contrasting Romantic composers Schumann and Liszt standing on opposite sides of a musical lake, throwing stones in to see how the widening circles […]


Pure romanticism – Armin Rosin (Romantik pur)

The unwieldy appearance of an instrument familiarly known to German insiders as a “Kanne” (can or pot) should not mislead us into failing to realise that, […]


Richard Strauss

Nürnberger Symphoniker Unter der Leitung von Klauspeter Seibel There are still scores to be discovered among the multitude of Richard Strauss’ oeuvres which have not found […]


Russian Harp Music (Harfenmusik russischer Meister)

One of the most beautiful romantic harp concertos in the company of some delightful compatriots, performed with a high degree of musicality. Helga Storck, harp Nuremberg […]


Russian Masterworks – Vol. 1

The Russian composer Alexander Glazunov was a phenomenon. Neither the setbacks which his career inevitably encountered during the October Revolution nor the massive subsequent reduction in […]


Russian Masterworks – Vol. 2

Jorge Bolet plays Prokofiev’s Piano Concertos nos. 2 and 3 When the Cuban pianist Jorge Bolet (1914-1990) was transformed from exceptional musician to star performer, he […]


Russian Masterworks – Vol. 3

When the rumour began to spread amongst Russian music-lovers that Alexander Glazunov was setting out to conquer the realm of ballet after his other successes, an […]


Russian Masterworks – Vol. 4

Alexander Tcherepnin / Alexander Borodin The influential Aaron Copland, the American son of Lithuanian immigrants, raised his colleague Alexander Tcherepnin to the rank of “honorary American […]


Russian Masterworks – Vol. 5

Alexander Glazunov Alexander Glazunov, musical prodigy that he was, had five musical godfathers, all of whom had good reason to be proud of their protégé. He […]


Schenk sings Wagner

Schenk sings Wagner Manfred Schenk, bass Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Klauspeter Seibel The bass Manfred Schenk would have been 80 on 23 January 2010. Today, […]


Symphonic Poems from Persia: Alexander Rahbari

Almost exactly thirty-five years ago a young conductor called Ali Rahbari left Iran to seek his fortune in the West. One of the first opportunities to […]


World Masterpieces

Alexander Tcherepnin Alexander Tcherepnin was what is known as a true cosmopolitan, who was able, thanks to his great musical resourcefulness, to exploit the limited potential […]


Zartner – Rudolf and Rose Marie

RUDOLF ZARTNER (1909-1993) The organist Rudolf Zartner was a pupil of Karl Straube, who died in 1950 in Leipzig, having gained prominence particularly for the authenticity […]