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Vivienne & Dirk Keilhack, Klavier
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Vivienne & Dirk Keilhack, piano

Wilhelm Busch, the ever-popular author of illustrated comic verse narratives, knew well that “it takes two to play four hands”. And these two, who are required for piano “à quatre mains”, need to understand each other extremely well since they both have to be looking in the same direction, musically speaking, and relying on interpersonal comprehension, when for instance, they have to coordinate the content and relative weight of such choice gems as Debussy’s “Six antique epigraphs”, Hindemith’s mighty sonata, Brahms’s demanding and highly expressive Variations on a theme of Schumann, Reger’s truly amusing Burlesques or indeed Schubert’s Rondo in A major, that charming encourager of close friendships. And that’s without mentioning avant-garde undertakings such as are represented by Locomobile, written in 1977 by the Nuremberg composer Werner Heider.

Vivienne and Dirk Keilhack are amongst those duos who have earned their place on the international concert circuit over decades of working together. Concert tours throughout Europe, Russia and the US, and more than 60 broadcast performances, are amongst the achievements of these two artists, whose infectious and consistent passion for this particular repertoire finds convincing expression in this little journey in time through two centuries of “four hands”.

Track listing

Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Schubert: Rondo in A major D 951, op. 107 (1828)
[1] Allegretto quasi Andantino 11:43

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
[2] Variations in E flat major on a theme of Schumann op. 23 (1861) 17:08

Max Reger (1873-1916)
Sechs Burlesken op. 58 (1901)
[3] äußerst lebhaft 1:38
[4] sehr schnell und eigensinnig 1:41
[5] äußerst lebhaft mit Humor 2:02
[6] schnell und grotesk 1:58
[7] äußerst schnell und flüchtig 2:19
[8] so lebhaft und übermütig als nur möglich 1:18

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Six épigraphes antiques (1914/15)
[9] Pour invoquer Pan 1:52
[10] Pout un tombeau sans nom 2:57
[11] Pour que la nuit soit propice 2:04
[12] Pour la danseuse aux crotales 1:45
[13] Pour l’Egyptienne 2:25
[14] Pour remercier la pluie au matin 2:00

Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
Sonate (1938)
[15] mäßig bewegt – ruhig – wie am Anfang 5:06
[16] lebhaft  2:31
[17] ruhig bewegt – sehr lebhaft – im früheren Zeitmaß 5:20

Werner Heider (*1930)
[18] Locomobile (1977) 5:24

TT: 72:41

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