Versailles [Noble]
CLJ Records
Number of discs: 2
Digital Download Only!

CD + DVD featuring extra booklet with lyrics in English & Romaji and Extra-Track for European fans


After the huge success of the last album “Lyrical Sympathy” Versailles follows up with their brand-new studio album, an acoustic masterpiece. Combined with the great mixture of heavy sounds and classic elements, singer KAMIJO´s powerful voice bewitches every single listener. And this time again, the new album will be released simultaneously to the Japanese release, so there is no need for the European fans to wait any longer. But that’s not all! The album will contain the newly recorded version of the song “The Revenant Choir” as well as the original version, which has not yet been released in Europe.



Although Versailles are only just beginning their career, they have already kindled huge interest, not just with the Visual Kei-Fans, but also with the media. This is only to be expected from a group that has KAMIJO, their frontman, who is one of the most impressive personalities of the genre. Their music, which combines melodic metal with classical influences and fantastic lyrics, is just as dramatic as their historically inspired costumes. It is their declared goal to enchant fans of all ages, of both sexes and all nationalities and with this as their aim they are taking giant steps towards an international career. They have already proved their amazing talent through the successful coupling tour with the newcomer band Matenrou Opera during their performances throughout Europe in April 2008.


KAMIJO            Vocals
HIZAKI              Guitar
TERU                 Guitar
Jasmine You     Bass
YUKI                  Drums

Track listing CD:

  1. Prelude
  2. Aristocrat’s Symphony
  3. Antique in the Future
  4. Second Fear – Another Descendant
  5. zombi
  6. After Cloudia
  7. windress
  8. The Revenant Choir
  9. to The Chaos Inside
  11. History of The Other Side
  12. Episode
  13. The Revenant Choir (original version) extra track

Track listing DVD:

  1. Aristocrat’s Symphony
Tracking List:
  • Deutsch
  • Englisch