UnsraW “ Spiral Circle ~Complete~“ CD/DVD
CLJ Records
Number of discs: 2
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In April 2006, shortly after the breakup of CO?E THE CHILD, the rapid rise of the Visual Kei Band UnsraW, founded by the singer Yuki and the drummer Sho, began. The visual portrayal of masked marionettes is not the only element which creates UnsraW’s kinky mood of mystery; it´s also the unbelievable voice of the singers (often referred to as the death voice) which leaves its indelible mark.

There were two versions of the band´s first mini-album released in Japan, an album which in a record amount of time was sold out through advanced orders. This album was newly released at the beginning of this year as a studio album which includes three additional songs.

The special edition which has been produced for Europe contains all 10 titles from the Spiral Circle ~Complete~ ablums plus a DVD with the 4 video tracks from the combined former mini albums Spiral Circle Type A and Type B.

UnsraW – definitely a new star on the Visual Kei horizon!

CD 1 Interpret Titel Länge
1 UnsraW end of final (Introduction) 02:43
2 UnsraW Dust to Dust (New Recording) 03:06
3 UnsraW -9- 03:25
4 UnsraW Maria (New Recording) 02:31
5 UnsraW IN THE FACT 04:03
6 UnsraW Kyuumin Oyasumi (New Recording) 06:01
7 UnsraW Karma 04:30
8 UnsraW REW 03:25
9 UnsraW Gate Of Death 05:16
10 UnsraW Waraioni 02:39
CD 2 Interpret Titel Länge
1 UnsraW -9- (PV) 03:27
2 UnsraW Gate Of Death (PV) 05:34
3 UnsraW Karma (Live) 04:46
4 UnsraW Waraioni 02:53
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