Moran [ Replay ] – Special European Limited Edition
Vocal: Hitomi - Guitar: Velo - Bass: Zill - Drums: Soan
CLJ Records
Number of discs: 2
Digital Download Only!

Ultimate European Collection

The Album: With [ Replay ] the four music talents from Moran start their attack on European listeners! In order to introduce their band, Moran put altogether 12 breathtaking tracks on this special disk, which additionally contains two magnificent music clips! A further feature is the exclusivity of this single collection, which is reserved in this form only for the fans in Europe and was arranged specially by the band to present their songs to their new audience. And, as a little extra, the songs are partly remixed!

With [ Replay ] the listener can expect a full load of fantastic and enthralling sounds by Moran, which will not leave any emotion cold through their fantasy and depth!

The Band: Moran is a young band from Japan, which was formed at the end of 2007 by a group of not entirely unknown artists of the J-Rock Scene, who proved to enthuse masses of fans in the shortestof time. Moran’s first two singles hit,  in each case, #5 on the Japanese Oricon Charts with the four guys showing their performance talent at numerous live gigs. Apart from the outstanding musical abilities of the band members, also concept of the band suggests extraordinary facets and depth. Even the band name is an homage to a character of the popular story „The Moomins “: Moran (engl. the groke) is a lonely ghost-like appearance, who freezes her environment to ice through her contact and thus – although seeking for warmth and friendship – ends up doomed to being alone forever.

This ice cold feeling of loneliness forms the frame for Moran’s entire art concept and is finding not only in Japan but also in Europe increasingly more and more followers!

Moran – the perfect fusion of music, fashion and fantasy!

Line-Up:  Vocal:  Hitomi – Guitar: Velo – Bass: Zill – Drums: Soan



  1. Element 3:57
  2. Hameln 4:24
  3. Sea of fingers 4:17
  4. Helpless 4:23
  5. Tonight, at the seaside without the moon 3:16
  6. Trace and Canvas 5:46
  7. Mokka no Nukarumi 4:23
  9. Party Monster 3:58
  10. Cactus 3:33
  11. Flower Bed 3:48
  12. Kimino ita Gosenfu 4:59

Total running time CD                                                                       50:49


  1. Kimino ita Gosenfu 5:16
  2. Helpless 5:04


Total running time DVD:                                                                        10:20

Tracking List:
  • Deutsch
  • Englisch