The Hedgehog (Le Herisson / Die Eleganz der Madame Michel)
Gabriel Yared
Colosseum Music Entertainment
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A film by Mona Achache based on the novel “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” (French: L’Élégance du hérisson) by the French novelist and professor of philosophy Muriel Barbery.

Gabriel Yared ( City Of Angels, The Lives Of Others..) who has been a fan of L’Elegance du Hérisson since it was first published, composed a score which was greatly inspired by the two main characters in the film. This led him orchestrate a wonderful emotional score with two main themes for this absolutely gorgeous movie.

Track# Track Titles  Time Composer
1 Madame Michel 0:02:20 Gabriel Yared
2 Mademoiselle Paloma 0:02:42 Gabriel Yared
3 Dans 165 jours 0:02:39 Gabriel Yared
4 Champagne et Psychanalyse 0:01:38 Gabriel Yared
5 Poursuivre les étoiles 0:01:48 Gabriel Yared
6 Kakuro San 0:01:40 Gabriel Yared
7 Du sel dans les clémentines 0:03:24 Gabriel Yared
8 Bach Partita 0:02:21 Gabriel Yared
9 La bonne cachette 0:02:23 Gabriel Yared
10 Une sauvage civilisée 0:01:31 Gabriel Yared
11 Abstiens-toi 0:01:55 Gabriel Yared
12 Chocolat noir 0:01:18 Gabriel Yared
13 L’archétype de la concierge 0:01:41 Gabriel Yared
14 Je n’ai pas peur 0:01:44 Gabriel Yared
15 Bordeaux Menthe 0:02:22 Gabriel Yared
16 Le poisson rouge 0:01:55 Gabriel Yared
17 Le cartable et l’aspirateur 0:03:44 Gabriel Yared
18 Plus tard, je serais concierge 0:04:18 Gabriel Yared
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