La Vérité ou Presque
Pierre Adenot
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L’histoire de deux etres tres eloignes l’un de l’autre que les hasards de la vie et du travail vont rapprocher. L’une est une femme mariee, productrice d’une émission tele, en proie a des doutes professionnels et sentimentaux. L’autre est un auteur homosexuel de biographies d’artistes plus ou moins oublies, peinant sur un nouvel ouvrage.

Based on the novel by Stephen McCauley, the Oscar Award winning Sam Karmann (Kennedy et moi, Omnibus) shows social and emotional games in his new film, which we all play with the people close to us in our private or working lives.

The Music:
Director Sam Karmann says that the music to „La Verité our Presque“ „is an indispensable actor in this film“ and the marvelous jazz soundtrack, which really makes you wonder, which of the grand jazz musicians of the 50’s is responsible for this or that track and therefore contributes to the confusion in regards of the truth.

The complete music originates however from the Pierre Adenots‘ quill, acting as composer, orchestrator and conductor. The music was recorded together with the Eric Teruel Trio, the Paris Studio Orchestra and the Paris Jazz Big Band. The result is a very playful yet also wonderful nostalgic sound. On six of the songs, Sam Karmanns wife Catherine Olson contributes the vocals, she had given her film singing debut in „Kennedy et moi“, before taking up her singing career, Catherine had worked as a journalist for 15 years.

She plays the role of the younger Pauline Anderton and not few viewers of the film leave the cinema wondering whether Pauline Anderton had not actually existed – that, says Catherine Olson, „is her best reward “.

The Composer:
Pierre Adenot has so far been most noticed in Germany through his contribution to „Paris Je T’Aime“ and his score to „Kennedy et moi“. Born in the Year 1965, the composer can look back on a long career. He began early with the study of classical music, at the age of 15, he composed his first film score for „La Réussite“ and later as a 20 year old won his first prizes. Amongst his to date approximately 30 Scores are „Le Bateau de Mariage“, „Les Aveux de l‘ Innocent“, „Le Violon brisé“ or „Une Vie“. Further, Adenot made himself known as a composer for commercials, such as for L’Oreal (with Jane Fonda), Lancôme (with Uma Thurman) or Renault and has worked together with people such as Charles Aznavour, Johnny Halliday, MC Solaar, Jane Birkin and Stephan Eicher.

CD 1 Interpret Titel Länge
1 Catherine Olson / Eric Teruel Why don’t we 04:29
2 Eric Teruel Trio Bluetooth 03:21
3 Paris Jazz Big-Band Run ! 04:13
4 Catherine Olson / Eric Teruel Pretending 01:55
5 Eric Teruel Trio Around eleven 03:36
6 Paris Studio Orchestra / Eric Teruel Union libre 01:12
7 Paris Studio Orchestra Manhattan ou presque 02:27
8 Catherine Olson / Eric Teruel I belong to where I’m in love 03:36
9 Eric Teruel Tu veux la v?rit 01:31
10 Catherine Olson / Eric Teruel Merry-go-round 03:56
11 Paris Studio Orchestra / Eric Teruel Gin Rami dans les traboules 01:17
12 Eric Teruel Trio Almost truth 01:00
13 Catherine Olson / Eric Teruel Up and donw 03:31
14 Eric Teruel Trio Introducing Pauline Anderton 02:15
15 Catherine Olson / Eric Teruel So true 03:38
16 Paris Jazz Big-Band Back in Lyon 01:09
17 Eric Teruel Carrousel 03:53
18 Pierre Adenot La tour rose 02:13

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